ClickFunnels- 5 Day Lead Challenge

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clickfunnels 5 Day Lead Challenge

So I don’t know if you heard… But Russell Brunson is teaching a brand new FREE 5-Day Lead Challenge.

I’m so excited, I already signed up for it! (I mean who wouldn’t? Brunson is doing it!)

You can NEVER have too many leads, right?

This is a CRAZY opportunity to find out how to attract leads and customers to your business THE RIGHT WAY…

From the Master of Traffic himself!

In fact, Russell wrote the definitive book on generating leads…

The New York Times Bestseller, “Traffic Secrets.”

This is an ALL NEW training to help business owners like you and me get more leads (and ultimately more customers) FAST!

It’s TOTALLY FREE and a no-brainer… (no c.c. required)
The 5 Day Lead Challenge
I’ve been through some incredible training of Russell’s, and he holds nothing back!

The whole goal is to get you RESULTS using a PROVEN simple step-by-step framework for attracting and delivering highly qualified prospects right to your website.

All it takes is 30 minutes a day for 5 days.

That’s it.

Are you WITH ME?!

Let’s do this together...

Here’s where you can go to sign up for free...

Register NOW For The 5 Day Lead Challenge

All you gotta do is, Do What Russell Says...

P.S. This works for ANY product or or physical storefront. Yep.

Register NOW For the 5 Day Lead Challenge

P.P.S. In case you were wondering, here’s the basic schedule for the 5 days…(I can’t wait!!)

Day 1: Unlimited Leads
-How lead funnels work
-How to structure your lead machine
-Understanding the core foundation

Day 2: Creating Your Lead Magnet
-How to build your “1-Page” Lead Capture
-How to create your Lead Magnet to attract unlimited leads
-Free ‘Lead Magnet’ software

Day 3: Creating Your Lead Squeeze Funnel
-Capturing names, emails, phone numbers
-Attract QUALIFIED prospects
-Build your simple 2-page funnel

Day 4: Creating Your Followup Funnel
-How to engage and keep your leads
-How to write a compelling email sequence
-How to build rapport and a relationship so they BUY

Day 5: Launch Your Lead Funnel
-Go LIVE with your Funnel
-Capture ACTUAL leads for your business
-Start building your list

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